The Room Walkthrough (SPOILER WARNING!)

This walkthrough is in a "Question & Answer" form and it isn't in any particular order, so use for your own safety "word search" function( ctrl+F) to minimize spoilers.Because "The Room" isn't a big or a hard game, I will only give the solutions to some of the harder puzzles. I hope that you shouldn't have to use this walkthrough and that the puzzles isn't to illogical.


  How can I defeat " 1 Bampe"?
A: What does rabbits traditionally eat? Carrots, of course! But using the carrot(You can get it from Riddlemaster.) doesn't do a much, because he is only eating "tiny food". Maybe you can make the carrot smaller somehow? Use the knife( Found in the clothes pile in the room."  on the carrot to cut it down into smaller pieces and use the smaller pieces on "1 Bampe" to defeat him.

Q:  How can I cut the string?
A: Using the knife will only break it, so must have something else. Instead use the nail-clipper( Found in the hole, to right of the lamp switch) to cut the string.

Q:  What should I do with the singing dude in the storage?
A: If you haven't notice, he is actually singing "Metallica" songs. What would a "Metallica" fan want? Give him the "Metallica Tickets"(Found in the glass-cabinet.) and now he should make more sense.

Q:  I have read the "Al-Azif" and some numbers appeared on the door. What should I do with them?
A: You must have a instrument to use these numbers on. A cell-phone will work perfectly. Use it on the door and press the numbers that appeared on the door: 148.
If you haven't find the cell-phone yet, here is what you have to do:
  • Go to the Amiga(The old computer to the left of the game shelves.) and press the area below the Amiga, to reveal a walkman.
  • Examine and open the walkman to find a DVD-disc. Go then back to the game shelves and look closer at the DVD-palyer.
  • Press then the eject button on the DVD-player and put the disc in it and watch the small animation. This will reveal the cell-phone. Pick it up.  
By: K.Robertsson

Walkthrough-The Apartment (SPOILER WARNING!)

This walkthrough is in a "Question & Answer" form and it isn't in any particular order, so use for your own safety "word search" function( ctrl+F) to minimize spoilers. I hope that you shouldn't have to use this walkthrough and that the puzzles isn't to illogical.


Q: I picked up a memory stick but I get nothing in my inventory?
A: All the memory sticks are gathered at the DS, in the living room. Simply click on the DS and then on the "Memory Stick" button on the left corner of the screen.

Q: I found the recipe in "Al-Azif" and got the ingredients, but where do I mix them together?
A: To mix all the ingredients, you will need a magic circle. To find it, look in the cupboard above the kitchen bench. There you will find a magic circle.

Q: After I mixed the ingredients, I see a movie were a man runs away. Where did he go?
A: You see that he went to the living room so first go there. Then go towards the bed and notice the giggling sound. Turn then towards the sofa and here the giggling go louder. Examine the screen and notice the spot to the right of the sofa, at the lamp. Click there and there you will find him.

-----Q: I have talked to the man and he took my scroll. So where is he now?
-----A:  Be sure that you are facing the sofa. Then turn right and examine the spot at the left side of the screen, around the area to the left of the chair. Click there and find him again.

---------Q: He won't give me the scroll. So how can I take it from him?
---------A: He is acting like a cat, so we have to lure him out like a cat. First take the "Toy-Mouse"(It's in the fridge.) and the "String"(It's behind the painting in the hall. ) and combine them. Now you got a cat-toy and you should use it on the man to get your scroll.

Q:What should I do with the "Magic Scroll"?

A: When you picked it up, you discovered that it wasn't a scroll but a page from a book. If you have examine the "Al-Azif", you have notice it have some of its pages missing. Now, use the scroll on "Al-Azif" and then either click on the book or magic circle to find a new page in "Magic Cooking Time".

Q: What is the ingredients to the second spell and where can I find them?
A: The ingridents is and can be found at:
  •  "Used beans"=Coffee Grounds. You can find it on the kitchen bench, at the coffee brewer.
  •  "Political Correct Berries"=Blackberries. You can find it on the balcony, on the right screen from where you enter the  balcony.
  •  "Gold Water"=Beer. You can find it on the balcony, on the right screen from where you enter the balcony.

Q: There is a witch blocking the way to the balcony. How do I get rid of her?
A: To get rid of her, you will need to have: The "Hose"(It's in the toilet), the "Tongs"(It's in the kitchen) and finally you need "Cat-Poo"(It's also in the bathroom, but you will need to have the "Tongs" to pick it up). If you have all of these, then do the following: First, use the "Hose" on the witch. Second, use the poo on the hose. Now you can enter the balcony and you got a "Turd Smelling Hose" in your inventory.

Q: I have talked to the "Riddlemaster" and got his riddle, but I can't get the right answer?
A: On this riddle you have to think outside the box. You can't guess what he is smelling, but make him smell something. Use the "Turd Smelling Hose" on the "Riddlemaster" and now you can answer his riddle, to get his prize.

Q: How do I open the locked door in the living room?
A: You will need av key. You will find it on the table in the living room. Using it on the door will make it fall apart. Fix it with super-glue and then use it again on the door to unlock it.

Q: I mixed the second spell and now I'm a mouse. What should I do?
A: There isn't much you can do. There is only one path to go and there is no puzzle solving either. Simply walk around and see whats happens.

Q: How can I help the robots?
A: They wanted a HQ/Club House right? Sense they are really small, it dosn't have to be big. A box might be suitable as HQ, there is one on the balcony. Then take the "Knife"(It's in the kitchen) and use it on the "Box", so it looks like a little house. To give them the HQ, go to the table in the living room and click on the area, at the far side of the table. This will get you to a close up of the floor. Use "The Little House" on the frame to give the robots their's HQ.

Q: How do I get the computer to work?
A: As the blue-screen of death suggested, you have to install another OS. Use the one you got from the "Riddlemaster"( See earlier question.), "AmiOC 1.2 and use it on the CD-drive to install the new OS.

----Q: I have installed "AmiOC 1.2", but what is the password for the "Summon Tool"?
----A: The password for this tool is scattered on three of the video-diaries. Look on diary No.1, 3, ,5 and notice that there is a number popping-up during the video. Takes these number, put them in the order you watch the videos. Now you got the password: 841

Q: I got the "Candles and Lighter", but where do I use them?
A: In the hall, facing into the living room. You will see two candle holders at the right side of the screen. Use the "Candles and Lighter" on them to see something spectacular.

Q: How can I open the door in the basement?
A: If you look closer at the right side of the door. You will notice that the door is open a bit. If you had read the "Monster Hunters Handbook"( In the girl room.), there is a creature called "Shit-Ape" who can apparently open locked doors. If you have him, simply use him on the door. But if you do not have him, you can get him by doing the following:
  • Get the "Fishing-rod" from the freezer.
  • The enter the bathroom and use the "Fishing-Rod" on the toilet. Now you got yourself a Shit-Ape.

Q: How should I unscrew the screw in the basement?
A: What do you usually have when you unscrew screw? A screwdriver of course. You can find it the living room, on the white cupboard. When you have it, simply use it on the screw.

Q: I got teleported to a new place, but how can I go back?
A: You can't. Don't worry, because you don't have to go back. You got everything you need and the rest can be found scattered around this new area.

Q: How can I defeat DEMON RABBITA!!!
A: To defeat the rabbit you have to:
  • Get the potatoes. They are in the cinder block, outside the castle.
  • Put them in the altar to make them holy. The altar is also outside the castle.
  • Put the holy potatoes in the hose, to create a spud gun.
  • Use the spud gun on the rabbit(Drag it to ATTACK!!!).  
Q: I have spoken to "Boing" and "Vista" and I'm supposed to find, something called "UltimateOS". Where can I find it?
A: You can find it underground, guarded by a demon. To be more precise, here is a direction:
  • Start at the room with the "DS"( The room you got teleported to.). Then exit the room.
  • Then go left until you hit the wall. Go left again, then down the hall and go outside.
  • You will now see a staircase. Go up the staircase, then turn left and walk forward until you see hole in the ground.
  • Walk down the hole and explore the dungeon until you encounter DEMON RABBITA!!!. Defeat the rabbit to get the "UltimateOS", see the previous question on how to defeat the rabbit.
Q: To who should I give the "UltimateOS"?
A: Hard question, because both seems to have a own agenda. Maybe there is a third choice? If you haven't notice, there is a modem by the window, in the tower staircase. When you look closer at the modem, you will get a message telling you that it have a CD-drive at the back.
To get the good ending, use the "UltimateOS" on the modem and then watch what happens.
If you have a saved before the choice, you can give the "UltimateOS"  to either "Boing" or "Vista" for two different bad endings

Q: I have given the "UltimateOS", but what should I do now?
A: There is only one thing to do know. Go out of the tower and then meet the guy from the video diaries. Depending on who you gave the OS to, the dialog and ending will be different. Anyhow, you have just finished "The Apartment: A sequel to The Room: A prequel to The Apartment" .

By: K. Robertsson

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