The Room Walkthrough (SPOILER WARNING!)

This walkthrough is in a "Question & Answer" form and it isn't in any particular order, so use for your own safety "word search" function( ctrl+F) to minimize spoilers.Because "The Room" isn't a big or a hard game, I will only give the solutions to some of the harder puzzles. I hope that you shouldn't have to use this walkthrough and that the puzzles isn't to illogical.


  How can I defeat " 1 Bampe"?
A: What does rabbits traditionally eat? Carrots, of course! But using the carrot(You can get it from Riddlemaster.) doesn't do a much, because he is only eating "tiny food". Maybe you can make the carrot smaller somehow? Use the knife( Found in the clothes pile in the room."  on the carrot to cut it down into smaller pieces and use the smaller pieces on "1 Bampe" to defeat him.

Q:  How can I cut the string?
A: Using the knife will only break it, so must have something else. Instead use the nail-clipper( Found in the hole, to right of the lamp switch) to cut the string.

Q:  What should I do with the singing dude in the storage?
A: If you haven't notice, he is actually singing "Metallica" songs. What would a "Metallica" fan want? Give him the "Metallica Tickets"(Found in the glass-cabinet.) and now he should make more sense.

Q:  I have read the "Al-Azif" and some numbers appeared on the door. What should I do with them?
A: You must have a instrument to use these numbers on. A cell-phone will work perfectly. Use it on the door and press the numbers that appeared on the door: 148.
If you haven't find the cell-phone yet, here is what you have to do:
  • Go to the Amiga(The old computer to the left of the game shelves.) and press the area below the Amiga, to reveal a walkman.
  • Examine and open the walkman to find a DVD-disc. Go then back to the game shelves and look closer at the DVD-palyer.
  • Press then the eject button on the DVD-player and put the disc in it and watch the small animation. This will reveal the cell-phone. Pick it up.  
By: K.Robertsson

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